Birth Story Sessions

The birth of a child is a life-changing event. hiring a birth photographer allows the birthing partner to fully participate in the expirience without worrying about capturing photos.

Memories (especially details of birth) fade over time. Having professional photographs of the birth ensures that those memories are preservee and can be revisited and shared for generations to come.

emotion filled story telling style birth: Birth photography is not just about taking pictures. It's about telling a powerful and emotional story. A skilled birth photographer knows how to capture the raw emotions, expressions, and connections.  

Why Hire a Birth Photographer

Birth Story investment

Starting at $2,100

Common Questions About Birth Photography

What does the investment cost cover?

The price of a birth session covers on call time, photographing and editing your birth story. You'll also receive a gift with a few prints and usb with all photos backed up on the device.

When do you arrive to the birth?

I usually arrive once the birthing mother is in active labor and will stay up to two hours after birth to photograph the apgar tests, also things like cored burning, the placenta, and photos of you and your child tucked cozy back in bed.

Do you only photograph Home births?

No, I photograph birth in any setting you choose to birth. If there is a change in plans like a hospital birth or c-section i will Follow the birthing mother, and document everything that i am able to depending on the rules of the hospital. 

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My Birth Photography Style

It is SO important to choose a birth photographer who understands how sacred birth spaces are.

 I'm an intuitive by nature so being aware of the emotion, love, and primal nature of birth comes natural for me. I use my intuition and knowlege of birth, to photograph and tell visual stories though my work.

  Most of the time you won't even notice i'm there.
I try to be as quiet and respectful to your birth space. 


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